Why is it always me?


80.    Building Konnectikron ended up an end to a means. When it finished itself I dropped a perfect Orange, spent day opening, closing drawers, riffling cards, holding Mr. Penney’s curtain rods up to the sunlight, smelling it. A machine contrived entirely of relations. Simple as pushing a rod in a hole, but the holes are doom-dark. Bottomless info-wells.

82.     Unused synapses acidmorphed into fleshliness of Cathy, elaborate sexual complexities, easing off her blouse, undoing intricate catch of bra designed by Fabergé, and O! her melons fore and aft, her flowing and her gentle hairs. Dressed her in flaring tennis skirts with nothing beneath, harem pants, short shorts of cotton candy, bent her fore, spread her aft. A performance of one, O lonely me.

83.    Next day, Grand Opening. Pushed real rod into real hole and out fell:

1.    The Brotherhood of Eternal Love, primo distributor of acid in U.S., whose need to funnel vast quantities of cash securely was handled by

2.   William Mellon (Billy) Hitchcock, banker for the Brotherhood, who stashed its money in confidential accounts in the

3.   Castle Bank & Trust of the Bahamas,

4.   established by the CIA under Paul Helliwell (formerly Col. Helliwell, chief of special intelligence for OSS in China, paymaster for the Bay of Pigs),

5.    whose associate at Castle, Lavinia Prío Gonzalez, funds covert CIA Caribbean ops and keeps eyes out for possible Castro moles at behest of

6.    James Jesus Angleton, head of CIA counter-intelligence, who was OSS X-2 chief in Rome in 1944,

7.    whose assistant in Rome was Howart Bruer, now editor at Life magazine,

8.   whose staff photographer, Joe Kranz, interviewed

9.    me,

10.  who was advised by a friend in the Brotherhood of Eternal Love to hide my drug-related income in a secure account at the

11.   Castle Bank & Trust, where my funding officer is

12.   Lavinia Prío Gonzalez, who bankrolls Operation Mongoose for the

13.   CIA. Which (I already knew) has a hard-on for Jimmy whose bail money I processed through my account in the

14.   Ha ha Castle Bank & Trust!!!!!!!!!


So that’s how they found out.


Information : just another fucking fetish. Bought a gallon of Gallo’s best screw-cap alcohol product and drank myself under the table on which I had so ribaldrized with Cathy. Today with a hangover the size of the Chinese Army, I can't get past how they discovered the way to set me up to take me down to revoke the bail of Jimmy O’Shea, the only man I ever loved.