PREFACE (Required reading)


Chapter 1: Oakland California, October 16, 1967

Friday 10am

Life at the mouth of hell

Owl Light


Chapter 2: Redding California, Summer 1967

The Boys on the Bus




Chapter 3: Materialization of the barricades

The masses figure it all out

Hold the Intersections

Crossing Grove Street

Election night, Alabama, a year earlier

Invention of a fact


Chapter 4: Wilson Pickett and the Draft Board 4

Moon Over Ghost Town

Mr. Selective Service

Old friends

Your car, your flag

Attack of the Blood-throwing Lady


Chapter 5: War in the Streets 101

Who are these people?

Take the lecture to the Streets

Operation Mustang Sally

The Convoy

Hell No

Nobody Goes

High Times at the IC

Who am I?

Lou Rosen (Tape 1)



Chapter 6: Dawn of the Monkey

Nothing Would Ever be the Same

The Lam

a philosophical note

Chapter 7: Banjo's Tet (day)

If you don't get killed, you'll be fine


Chapter 8: "The past is not dead...

... In fact it's not even past."

Bridges v O'Shea 1934

How the past would be had the future not arrived


Chapter 9: Banjo's Tet (night)

The Occupied Heart


Chapter 10: Tet on TV

The war will soon be over


Chapter 11: Blood on the screen

A boulevard empty and at war


Chapter 12: Bikers and Bitches

Fearful Protestant, Friendly Pediatrician

Babyass and Meathook


Chapter 13: Going to see The Man

Just another bail hearing

Lou Rosen (Tape 2)



Chapter 14: The Replacements


Chapter 15: A Whip of long blonde hair


Chapter 16: Is that the same moon?


Chapter 17: The town of Bad Luck


Chapter 18: Non-parallel lives

Chapter 19: Betta

a fable to give them grief

the salesman cometh

Chapter 20: The rome plow, or Theory and Practice


Chapter 21: The old dope peddler

cause the Brittanica tells me so

Chapter 22: Uncle Ho's Chicken Shak

Ho on ice

Concept man


Chapter 23: The Gathering



Chapter 24: Eastern Alabama. Night. 1966

sock it to me


Chapter 25: Shauna

Samurai movie


Chapter 26: Babies

The banyan problem

A bag of shrimp


Chapter 27: Crossing Ashbury

House of the Dead

Moral Calculus


Chapter 28: Crossover Point

The angle of the dangle


Chapter 29: Tale of two committees

No exit

No exile


Chapter 30: Firebase Mona


Chapter 31: Battle of the Claymores


Chapter 32: Corpses

Lou Rosen (Tape 3)


Chapter 33: The murder of Martin Luther King

James Baldwin writes to a friend


Chapter 34: Boston, April 4

A world without


Chapter 35: Boston, April 5

Three spies a'spyin


Chapter 36: April 5

A car fortold


This just in: Baghdad by the Bay

Herb Caen


Chapter 37: Nobody's business

If I do

Chapter 38: Judge Wisewoman

Antinomianism (1649 — )


Chapter 39: Jail Notes 1


the Mercurian army


Chapter 40: On the other side

Tell me whyyyy


Chapter 41: The man I still need

to know who I am

Chapter 42: Jail Notes 2

I found her!

Chapter 43: Jennifer Warden


Chapter 44: Jail Notes 3

Maybe a dream

Chapter 45: Cathy Cohen


Chapter 46: Jail Notes 4

Monday Night at the Movies

Chapter 47: Howard calls


Chapter 48: Dinner at home

with the Wardens


Chapter 49: On the verge

no call



Chapter 50: Jail Notes 5



Chapter 51: “Angry Youth, Distant War”

Enter Joe Kranz

god speaks


Chapter 52: Jail Notes 6

screaming man


Chapter 53: The alleyways of treason

Dance to the music


Chapter 54: Jail notes 7

Queer tier


Chapter 55: The Girl at the door

Open up


Chapter 56: The Women's Group

Shauna arrives again

the women's group


Chapter 57: Teddy bear

Whole truth

and nothing but


Chapter 58: Love me for this

Gone baby gone


Chapter 59: Paradise Island

All the weight


Chapter 60: Jimmy takes his leave


Chapter 61: The party of the world

Everybody came


Chapter 62: Down in the kettle

Jimmy sees


Chapter 63: The night kitchen

Shauna arrives


Chapter 64: Fahder Flannagan

Herr von Negut


Chapter 65: The dead show up

Including Dwight


Chapter 66: Lamentations of indifference

The view from Twin Peaks


Chapter 67: ar bhás arís

A death repeated

Lou Rosen (Tape 4)


Chapter 68: Cosmo speaks

Notes from the absolute elsewhere

Chapter 69: Snitch jacket

The mark of Cain

Chapter 70: The Bantu wolf awaits

The Director's penis

Chapter 71: A call from underground

Chapter 72: Further notes from the absolute elsewhere

Konnectikron knows all

Chapter 73:The wolf attacks

the wrong guy


Chapter 74: Roadtrip to Redding

The clothed and the dead


Chapter 75: Critique of Hume

Is it a wallet?

Or ...

Chapter 76: Furthermore from elsewhere

A message is sent and received


Chapter 77: A message is sent and received

The picture and the frame


Chapter 78: Coming home

Not since the TV


Chapter 79: A mere device

Possible BPP involvement


Chapter 80: Yet more notes

Why is it always me?


Chapter 81: Whispering Jesus

let my cry come unto thee

the way that is ignorance

a fool in the works


Chapter 82: Every war comes home

Chapter 83: They know who we are

Who are they?

Chapter 84: The anger of the sucker at the con

Chapter 85: Old friends

Chapter 86: Pu-lit’i-kul, Oooo

Chapter 87: Concept Interpretation Agency

Not the other CIA


Chapter 88: Parting is such




Chapter 89: Slouching toward Bedlam

Chapter 90: The oleander connection

Chapter 91: The never printed, forever suppressed, missing issue of?

Chapter 92: The art of the impossible


Chapter 93: MEMO at home

epileptic cephalapods

small as a noose

Chapter 94: Into the fog

the arrow of indirection

Chapter 95: The revolutionary tourist

Tan Line tours of the Haight

a grey filing cabinet

pain: theory and practice

Chapter 96: Eureka!

notes from a very isolated booth

Chapter 97: What do they take me for?

Agent Willis strikes again


Chapter 98: Incident redux

your month is up

border crossing

Chapter 99: the loss of a thing you never had

a yiddische troll

a loss

Chapter 100: Plague America

mutant something something

Chapter 101: Journey to the other side

a crack in the sky

Chapter 102:Travel kit


Chapter 103 Philosophically unfuckingacceptable

chuck it

Chapter 104: Forgiveness happens

spontaneous combustion

Chapter 105: No notes, no words

that dare not speak

in mind

out of mind

Chapter 106: Judas goats

and wombats

Chapter 107: No ya don't

Herb Caen

Chapter 108: DC writes

El Hotel Tres Palmas

Chapter 109: Cathy betrachtet

I have seen

Chapter 110: The Councils of Paris

the grand interlocutor

les pavés

lessons learned

libretto on strategy

the error every revolutionary makes

le flic

Erebus and Terror

Willy's memorial


Chapter 111: That's it? śāntiḥ?

Lou Rosen (tape 5)

Postscript: Cosmo has the last world