A message is sent and received

70.      One day they invented the perfect consumer society. It consumed everything.


72.      Why do we pledge allegiance to a fabric pattern?


74.      We don’t remember things the way they happened, we remember them the way we remember they happened.


76.      A message is sent and received. It was neither sent by the sender nor received by the addressee . The actual sender and recipient are real, but are not named in the message. The message as printed is false; it is the sending of the message that is the real message. The real message (the sending of the false message) leads the actual recipient to trust the person mentioned falsely in the message. The same real message leads a person who has never read the message to suspect someone not mentioned in the message. I dreamed this up while stoned out of my gourd. It could also be dreamed up by someone involved in a clandestine intelligence agency.