Chapter 68: Cosmo speaks

Notes from the absolute elsewhere

Chapter 69: Snitch jacket

The mark of Cain

Chapter 70: The Bantu wolf awaits

The Director's penis

Chapter 71: A call from underground

Chapter 72: Further notes from the absolute elsewhere

Konnectikron knows all

Chapter 73:The wolf attacks

the wrong guy


Chapter 74: Roadtrip to Redding

The clothed and the dead


Chapter 75: Critique of Hume

Is it a wallet?

Or ...

Chapter 76: Furthermore from elsewhere

A message is sent and received


Chapter 77: A message is sent and received

The picture and the frame


Chapter 78: Coming home

Not since the TV


Chapter 79: A mere device

Possible BPP involvement


Chapter 80: Yet more notes

Why is it always me?


Chapter 81: Whispering Jesus

let my cry come unto thee

the way that is ignorance

a fool in the works


Chapter 82: Every war comes home

Chapter 83: They know who we are

Who are they?

Chapter 84: The anger of the sucker at the con

Chapter 85: Old friends

Chapter 86: Pu-lit’i-kul, Oooo

Chapter 87: Concept Interpretation Agency

Not the other CIA


Chapter 88: Parting is such




Chapter 89: Slouching toward Bedlam

Chapter 90: The oleander connection

Chapter 91: The never printed, forever suppressed, missing issue of?

Chapter 92: The art of the impossible


Chapter 93: MEMO at home

epileptic cephalapods

small as a noose

Chapter 94: Into the fog

the arrow of indirection

Chapter 95: The revolutionary tourist

Tan Line tours of the Haight

a grey filing cabinet

pain: theory and practice

Chapter 96: Eureka!

notes from a very isolated booth

Chapter 97: What do they take me for?

Agent Willis strikes again


Chapter 98: Incident redux

your month is up

border crossing

Chapter 99: the loss of a thing you never had

a yiddische troll

a loss

Chapter 100: Plague America

mutant something something

Chapter 101: Journey to the other side

a crack in the sky

Chapter 102:Travel kit


Chapter 103 Philosophically unfuckingacceptable

chuck it

Chapter 104: Forgiveness happens

spontaneous combustion

Chapter 105: No notes, no words

that dare not speak

in mind

out of mind

Chapter 106: Judas goats

and wombats

Chapter 107: No ya don't

Herb Caen

Chapter 108: DC writes

El Hotel Tres Palmas

Chapter 109: Cathy betrachtet

I have seen

Chapter 110: The Councils of Paris

the grand interlocutor

les pavés

lessons learned

libretto on strategy

the error every revolutionary makes

le flic

Erebus and Terror

Willy's memorial


Chapter 111: That's it?

Lou Rosen (tape 5)

Postscript: Cosmo has the last world