Chapter 33: The murder of Martin Luther King

James Baldwin writes to a friend


Chapter 34: Boston, April 4

A world without


Chapter 35: Boston, April 5

Three spies a'spyin


Chapter 36: April 5

A car fortold


This just in: Baghdad by the Bay

Herb Caen


Chapter 37: Nobody's business

If I do

Chapter 38: Judge Wisewoman

Antinomianism (1649 — )


Chapter 39: Jail Notes 1


the Mercurian army


Chapter 40: On the other side

Tell me whyyyy


Chapter 41: The man I still need

to know who I am

Chapter 42: Jail Notes 2

I found her!

Chapter 43: Jennifer Warden


Chapter 44: Jail Notes 3

Maybe a dream

Chapter 45: Cathy Cohen


Chapter 46: Jail Notes 4

Monday Night at the Movies

Chapter 47: Howard calls


Chapter 48: Dinner at home

with the Wardens


Chapter 49: On the verge

no call



Chapter 50: Jail Notes 5



Chapter 51: “Angry Youth, Distant War”

Enter Joe Kranz

god speaks


Chapter 52: Jail Notes 6

screaming man


Chapter 53: The alleyways of treason

Dance to the music


Chapter 54: Jail notes 7

Queer tier


Chapter 55: The Girl at the door

Open up


Chapter 56: The Women's Group

Shauna arrives again

the women's group


Chapter 57: Teddy bear

Whole truth

and nothing but


Chapter 58: Love me for this

Gone baby gone


Chapter 59: Paradise Island

All the weight


Chapter 60: Jimmy takes his leave


Chapter 61: The party of the world

Everybody came


Chapter 62: Down in the kettle

Jimmy sees


Chapter 63: The night kitchen

Shauna arrives


Chapter 64: Fahder Flannagan

Herr von Negut


Chapter 65: The dead show up

Including Dwight


Chapter 66: Lamentations of indifference

The view from Twin Peaks


Chapter 67: ar bhás arís

A death repeated

Lou Rosen (Tape 4)