Chapter 14: The Replacements


Chapter 15: A Whip of long blonde hair


Chapter 16: Is that the same moon?


Chapter 17: The town of Bad Luck


Chapter 18: Non-parallel lives

Chapter 19: Betta

a fable to give them grief

the salesman cometh

Chapter 20: The rome plow, or Theory and Practice


Chapter 21: The old dope peddler

cause the Brittanica tells me so

Chapter 22: Uncle Ho's Chicken Shak

Ho on ice

Concept man


Chapter 23: The Gathering



Chapter 24: Eastern Alabama. Night. 1966

sock it to me


Chapter 25: Shauna

Samurai movie


Chapter 26: Babies

The banyan problem

A bag of shrimp


Chapter 27: Crossing Ashbury

House of the Dead

Moral Calculus


Chapter 28: Crossover Point

The angle of the dangle


Chapter 29: Tale of two committees

No exit

No exile


Chapter 30: Firebase Mona


Chapter 31: Battle of the Claymores


Chapter 32: Corpses

Lou Rosen (Tape 3)