Chapter 6: Dawn of the Monkey

Nothing Would Ever be the Same

The Lam

a philosophical note

Chapter 7: Banjo's Tet (day)

If you don't get killed, you'll be fine


Chapter 8: Forward to the Past

The Crunch of Static

Bridges v O'Shea 1934

How the past would be had the future not arrived


Chapter 9: Banjo's Tet (night)

The Occupied Heart


Chapter 10: Tet on TV

The war will soon be over


Chapter 11: Blood on the screen

A boulevard empty and at war


Chapter 12: Bikers and Bitches

Fearful Protestant, Friendly Pediatrician

Babyass and Meathook


Chapter 13: Going to see The Man

Just another bail hearing

Lou Rosen (Tape 2)