Chapter 1: Oakland California, October 16, 1967

Friday 10am

Life at the mouth of hell

Owl Light


Chapter 2: Redding California, Summer 1967

The Boys on the Bus




Chapter 3: Materialization of the barricades

The masses figure it all out

Hold the Intersections

Crossing Grove Street

Election night, Alabama, a year earlier

Invention of a fact


Chapter 4: Wilson Pickett and the Draft Board 4

Moon Over Ghost Town

Mr. Selective Service

Old friends

Your car, your flag

Attack of the Blood-throwing Lady


Chapter 5: War in the Streets 101

Who are these people?

Take the lecture to the Streets

Operation Mustang Sally

The Convoy

Hell No

Nobody Goes

High Times at the IC

Who am I?

Lou Rosen (Tape 1)