Eamon CannonWho invented a Liberated Zone of rebellious comedy -- his own and his generation's.
He was their voice. They were his.

At 18, a stand-up prodigy, going on genius,
he was playing clubs in
Los Angeles and New York.

He was political, anti-racist, hilarious.
He tattooed this fist
on his chest.

Then he went to the other side.

You can meet him there at
www.eamon-cannon.com .
He'll keep you good company.

I wish he were here to read this book.
He should be. He is.

Meanwhile, the Eamon Cannon Comedy Project continues his legacy, teaching kids at Inner City Arts in Los Angeles to stand up for themselves, take a stand, stand for what they believe in. And be funny.

Funny's what oppressors can't stand.