notes from a very isolated booth


90.     The Present is not the boundary between Past and Future. There is no Present. There is only the continuous moment where past and future are identical.


(Jimmy’s been home a week. What has he told Cathy?)


100.    The fundamental structure of numbers is this: every number is either a prime number or the product of primes. Numbers unimagineably more immense than all the connections of all the neurons in all the brains that ever will have been are either


— Prime (divisible only by itself and 1)

— The result of multiplying prime numbers together


The fundamental structure of language is words. Every language we write for the next million years (if we last) will be in words or strings of words.


— Words and strings of words

— Primes and strings of primes


There has to be a relation. There can’t not.

The order of words is a string of numbers.

The 1st word, 2nd word, 3rd word etc. Like this:

[1] The [2] order [3] of [4] words [5] is [6] a .....

IBM could do that. Must be a deeper order.


Order determines message:

Am I crazy

I am crazy

Crazy, am I

The room is in the table.

The table is on my foot.

My hurts foot.


Deeper order = deeper meaning. Order of words in Moby-Dick, profound. Order of words in S.F. Chronicle, not so interesting (except Herb Caen). Order of words in Hamlet, magnificent.


The first 20 prime numbers are:

2 3 5 7 11 13 17 19 23 29 31 37 41 47 53 59 61 67 71


Start with America’s greatest novel, Moby-Dick. Read only the prime-numbered words:

   2           3             5             7         11             13       17    19

me    Ishmael    years   never    precisely   little   in  purse 
23      29            31        37     41     43      4 7    53

            to   thought   would    see    of    world   way  the


Guess not.


(Jimmy wants to kill me. He knows I sleep in the garden. Make hiding place between boxes , sleep there.)


101.    There are prime words and words made of primes. ease is prime, disease is two primes, dis + ease. Dis: to part in two. Disease, to part from ease. In math, 3159 is not a prime, but it’s made of two prime numbers, 31 & 59.


(No letters from anyone, even Shauna. He’s told them about me.
Why did I trust him? He thinks my love for him is sexual and devious.)


107.    Breakthrough! What book catalogs all English words according to a brilliant philosophical scheme? Roget’s Thesaurus!


(I know Jimmy wants the Konnectikron. It would give him
incredible political  power.)


113.     Eureka! Two days without sleep. The margins of these Notes are too small to enable me to give the proof completely of my formula. Algorithm is anti-linear, fractures, spirals, loops, the tao of words, structure of thought.


( Konnectikron threatens my life. Am I Trotsky to his Stalin?)


127.     My equation generated the following primes and pairs of primes: 37/41, 5923, 1, 6679, 1549, 37/41, 4651, 1, 41/911. 9281, 8069, 4651.

Check it yourself — you who will never read these notes because they will be burned on my pyre — Roget’s Third Edition, T.Y. Crowell 1962.


Cosmo’s                         374.1

words                              592.3

are                                    1

worthless                       667.9

because                          154.9

Cosmo’s                         374.1

mind                                465.1

is                                       1

male.                               419.11

Hate                                 928.1

your                                 806.9

mind.                               465.1


How about that!


Cosmos (374.1) is 37 (inferior) and 41 (appendage).

Male (419.11) is 41 (appendage) and 911 (insolent) .


(Saw Jimmy and DC scale the wall last night, drop into the garden. Could've been the banana plant in my neighbor’s yard, but why'd the security light go on? Practice run. How much time do I have? Stupid question. The only time there is: where past and future are the same.)