Possible rediscovery of Konnectikron








Konnectikron knows all

40.      Was God surprised by what He had created? Was He surprised that He was surprised? Goes to heart of God's free will.

50.      Crimes of the Post War Minds they didn’t teach you in college. T.S. Eliot organized the Bay of Pigs. Hudson Review, Kenyon Review, Paris Review imported Nazi doctors to run the space program; Irving Kristol, Sidney Hook, Daniel Bell pumped Louisville prisoners full of experimental drugs. Allen Tate, poet laureate (I have brooded on angels and archfiends), opened our first-class mail, Mark Rothko and Alexander Calder murdered Lumumba in the Congo. Lionel Trilling overthrew Mossadegh in Iran for the Shah. Poetry magazine and Journal of the History of Ideas assassinated 20,000 Vietnamese in Operation Phoenix. Partisan Review overthrew the Guatemalan Government.

50.1    Just kidding, folks. They only worked for, took money from, and supported the agency that did, crammed in the same device with torturers and killers.

50.2    Most heinousist of all, the CIA subsidized the Boston Pops. Some crimes cannot be forgiven.

50.3    But we forgive Robert Lowell. He was crazy like us and drove LBJ off his nut.

50.4    How do I know this? Konnectikron. Konnectikron knows all.