Willy’s body was shipped to Graves Registration in Danang. “G.R. Point” was located in a hanger filled with dead people and chemicals. The corpses awaiting treatment were placed in a seated position on molded plastic salmon-colored chairs exactly like those at Willy’s draft board.


When Chuck Morris learned of Willy’s death, he set aside a memorial glass of Johnny Walker Red in honor of the Crossover Man and toasted the empty seat before him :

“Here's to another fucking category mistake.”


Others disagreed. A story circulated in Washington that the death of the Crossover Man was the death of the Crossover Point. They believed Willy’s death led directly to President Johnson’s removal of General William C. Westmoreland from command of the armed forces in Vietnam, Johnson’s own sudden retirement from political life, the abandonment of cost-effective managerial/ corporate warfare theory by the U.S. Department of Defense, even the fact that more people on both sides were slaughtered after Willy’s death than before. Myths like these are often created to influence policy and shift blame.


Willy was shipped to Ft. Lewis in a body bag containing a pound of pure Thai heroin. The warrant officer missed the coded mark on the bag; as a result the crank was discovered by a funeral director in Redding who sold it to his cousin, an amphetamine dealer in Red Bluff, who had it ripped off in an ugly incident with the Hells Angels. Most of it arrived in the San Francisco Bay Area and helped fund the famous Altamont Concert the following year. Part of it, still pure, was bought by Beef, who lived with Shauna on Ashbury Street across from the Grateful Dead.